Care Instructions

Beach Umbrella 

Your Brella has been tried and tested for Australian conditions, to ensure you can enjoy her for years to come here is how to show her some love! 

Take care when setting up your Brella, treat her gently like the lady she is.

Try to avoid getting these beauties wet, but if mother nature intervenes, she should never be stored wet. Ensure the fabric is completely dry before storing and any signs of mould or mildew should be cleaned appropriately as soon as possible. 

Your Brella can withstand a light breeze, but she is not invincible, so we suggest you make sure she is well anchored and collapse her if you leave her unattended. 

Although she is fade resistant, like any babe, she will age gracefully over time showing the signs of many beach filled summer days. Avoid leaving any salt, sand and dirt on her after adventures, any marks can be cleaned with a damp cloth and gentle detergent. 

Her beechwood pole can be treated with a wood oil occasionally, to keep her protected and looking her best. Even Brella legs need moisturizing!